Hi everyone! Welcome to leaderspresso!

A hot cup of espresso can do wonders for your mood, your motivation, and your energy levels – and that’s what a good leader can do, too. Great leaders can have an incredibly positive impact on the lives of other people, just like bad leaders can cause so much damage.

We firmly believe that our world needs more good leaders. That’s why we are launching our new leaderspresso blog (www.leaderspresso.com) and the leaderspresso social media profiles as a platform for sharing insights about good leadership.

There are many scholars who conduct highly interesting research about what leaders do, and about how their actions affect their followers and the success of their organizations. Much of this research is quite difficult to access, however, and sometimes also quite hard to understand – even for insiders. It often remains hidden, although there would be so much to learn from it.

We are passionate about making leadership research more accessible for leaders and learners who want to know the essence in a short time. With leaderspresso, we would like to offer curious practicing and aspiring leaders with short and easy-to read summaries of the most relevant findings of current leadership research (including key takeaways that you can apply right away). Just like with an espresso, it will take just a few seconds to get a quick shot of new leadership knowledge in concentrated form.

From time to time, we will also provide you with some book tips (when new leadership books include noteworthy ideas that we believe could also make a difference for your leadership role), as well as some inspiring and maybe also thought-provoking leadership quotes.

We – the founding team behind leaderspresso – are a graphic artist (Eva Kobin) and a management professor (Dietmar Sternad) with extensive experience in leadership roles as well as in teaching and coaching aspiring and practicing leaders. We both really care about good leadership – and we both love espresso, too!

It would be great if you could also join the discussion on leaderspresso and share your own thoughts about good leadership. If you have any tips about highly interesting new leadership research or books that we missed out, please let us know!

Let us together explore what good leadership is all about! Enjoy reading our “leadership beans” over a good cup of espresso and be inspired by new food for thought!