Best of leadership quotes


Lao-Tzu was a smart guy! The legendary Chinese philosopher who is said to have lived a few hundred years BC (some say around the 6th century BC, others around the 4th century BC) knew very well what leadership is all about: nurturing the self-esteem, enhancing the capabilities, and ensuring the motivation of your team members – the people who do the job. If they perform well, you will perform well as a leader.

What do people expect from a leader? A Gallup research that involved over 10,000 people identified four basic needs of “followers”: trust, compassion, stability and hope. Trust and stability are the foundation – that´s why leaders need to be clear, predictable, and honest. But we also need leaders who dare – dare to make decisions (sometimes also unpopular ones) that open the way to a better future. This gives us hope. Why would we ever…

Many leaders overwhelm their team members with new initiatives. They want to show that they are “active,” that they are driving the organization forward. But do all those initatives really serve the organization´s core purpose? Do they really make things better? Do they contribute to the common good? Smart leaders don´t immerse themselves in “activity addiction.” They are taking a step back from time to time to consider how they can really best serve the…

Fear of failure is a strong driving force for leaders, a driving force that often leads to indecisiveness, control mania and an inability to trust other people. Brené Brown in her book Dare to Lead argues that we need more courageous leaders – people who take a stand for their values, who trust themselves and others, who have the courage to be vulnerable. What do you think: Do we need more leaders who dare more?