What do people expect from a leader? A Gallup research that involved over 10,000 people identified four basic needs of “followers”: trust, compassion, stability and hope.

Trust and stability are the foundation – that´s why leaders need to be clear, predictable, and honest. But we also need leaders who dare – dare to make decisions (sometimes also unpopular ones) that open the way to a better future. This gives us hope. Why would we ever want to follow leaders who are not able to give us hope for a better future?

And finally, there´s compassion – good leaders give their “followers” the feeling that they really care for them and for their well-being. The Gallup research results show that employees who feel that someone cares about them at work are more productive and much more likely to stay with their organizations. Good leaders care.

For more information about the Gallup leadership research and its results see Strengths-Based Leadership: The 4 Things Followers Need | Gallup